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Software & Virus Removal

Computer Virus Diagnostics & Removal

Computer viruses are becoming more and more prevalent, especially since the use of an Internet connection has become commonplace. It's inevitable that your computer will be subject to an attack of by various kinds of malware, including spyware, trojan horses, email worms, adware and more. In order to prevent this, Austin Computer Solutions has a wide variety of Anti-Virus (AV) programs available.

Even if you use an A/V program, it is still possible for your computer to become infected with a virus. If this happens, we can troubleshoot your computer and use our arsenal of virus fighting tools, as well as some manual removal techniques, to eliminate the infection from your system. The best part is that over 90% of the time, we are able to preserve your existing data. So computer viruses no longer mean the loss of all your information.

Many fake virus pages exist to make you believe your computer has a virus. In reality, they are only trying to scare you into calling their phone number.  Once you do, they take remote control of your computer, then ransom it back to you (usually for hundreds of dollars). Don't fall for these scams. Click here to see an example of a "fake" virus page.   Remember, this is not a real message, only a sample of what you could run across on the Internet.

Software & Operating System Upgrades

Windows 7 Software UpgradeSoftware upgrades are another area in which Austin Computer can be of great service. Many computers are still running very old copies of Windows 98 or Windows XP. While these operating systems were good in their day, Mircosoft has quit supporting them and therefore, they are no longer suitable for today's Internet environment as they don't have the security of Windows 7 or Windows 10.

As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we can acquire those older systems & upgrade them to be able to run the most current version of Windows.

Apple Products

If it's a Macintosh computer you're using, no problem. Austin Computer can upgrade your Mac OS X to the latest version. We can also upgrade your memory and hard disk space. Or we usually have a MacBook Pro or two in stock for a quick sale.

Whatever you decide, you can count on Austin Computer for your Software and Anti-Virus needs.

VHS Digitizing Service

VHS to DigitalDo you have (or know someone who has) old VHS tapes from the VCR days and would like them converted to digital? Well, look no further. Austin Computer now has the equipment to perform conversions from your old VCR tapes to digital files. From there, we can either provide them to you on a flash drive or DVDs. We convert VHS to DVD, VCR to Digital, and VHS tapes to computer. Call and ask about our reasonable pricing for this service.