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Hardware RepairWhatever your hardware needs, we can handle it. We can custom build a computer to your specifications or put together a top-of-the-line gaming system. By adding a full motion graphics processing video card, we can make you a system that can handle any game out there. We handle name brands for monitors, hard drives, motherboards, memory, video adapters, modems, networking parts and more.

Custom Gamers

Custom built gaming and business computers have become another niche. We design specialized high-powered computers and, after customer approval, build them to specifications. Free 90 Days "Same-as-Cash" financing is available on custom builds as well as upgrades. As computers constructed particularly for gaming have become quite popular, we keep several pre-built gamers on hand at all times but will always be happy to put together a quote for a custom gamer.

 Having trouble with your computer? If your computer is just no longer reliable, you may have a hardware problem. Computer parts often malfunction and cause unpredictable results. If this is happening to you, bring it in to Austin Computer and let us run diagnostics on your system. We can find the solution to those difficult problems.

Computer Accessories

We have a complete selection of computer accessories for sale for laptops and desktops alike. Our basic inventory includes:

  • wireless keyboard & mouse combos
  • webcams
  • speakers
  • gaming accessories
  • laptop coolers
  • external DVD drives
  • cables
  • and much more!

We also have a wide variety of laptop chargers (power adapters) in stock. We have Dell chargers, HP chargers, Acer chargers, Lenovo chargers, Toshiba chargers, Apple and MacBook chargers. Stop by the store to see our selection.

On-Site Service Calls

Is your computer too hard to move? Is your business "out of business" without your computer? Well, one of our best features it that we come to you. Just phone-in and schedule a service call. Our response time promises that we'll have someone on-site no later than 24 hours after your call. Very often, we can get there on the same day! Contact us today!